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  • [es-pree de less-ka/-iay] (idiom) A witty remark that occurs to you too late, literally on the way down the stairs. The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations defines esprit de l'escalier as, "An untranslatable phrase, the meaning of which is that one only thinks on one's way downstairs of the smart retort one might have made in the drawing room."


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February 13, 2006


It would be nice to see Moose ambling along a road, but skunk are equally interesting creatures. I found out where some of our skunk are residing. I fell on the ice while using the stairs down to the village - smelled a familiar odor while I sat on the ground - then noticed some peculiar footprints and followed them to this den. Very strong odor! By the way, we cleaned up the hillside on Sunday. Now we have to have another bonfire. I wish I could organize a slow burn of the hillside to get rid of all the fallen leaves and branches; it's supposed to be very healthy to do that, but I'm pretty sure the village would freak out if they encountered a creeping fire on the hill. It would be so much fun though! And it would undoubtably be an interesting experience to spend a few days in jail. And Claire, I think you could stop yourself from free-falling down a mountainside. For one thing you would not be skiing from the top but from closer to the bottom. Love, M

You also live an interesting life, just in a different way. Mine just sounds extreme because of where I anyone out in Montana, my weekend was pretty typical! Maybe some winter I will get you on a pair of skis and teach you--it is not as hard as it seems! Anyways, I will get you some pictures as soon as they develop (as I did not have my digital camera on the mountain). Talk to you soon! Love, Al

Yeah, I know my life is interesting, it's just that February gets you considering greener pastures, or something. You know when I'm happiest right now? When I'm in class. I kind of wish I could be in school full time and just read a lot and think alot. I think that I don't think that much anymore, or, at least I don't think about important things. That troubles me. Right now heaven would be an austere apartment, filled with books, with lots of thoughts in my head and writing and thinking. I feel so distracted by stupid things and my mind feels so dull. Damn February. I want change.

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